Optimel Manuka Honey Eye Gel-10ml

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Optimel Manuka Honey Eye Gel -10ml


Dry eye disease is one of the most widespread eye conditions in the world.

Over time, dry eyes can cause pain and discomfort and can increase the risk of eye infection, resulting in permanent life-changing damages.

Optimel eye gel is one of the most innovative dry eye products in the market today and is well-known as an effective treatment for dry eyes.

Made with pharmaceutical-grade honey, Optimel uses honey from bees of the Leptospermum species. This gel utilises the standardised and natural antibacterial property of honey to alleviate dry eye symptoms.

How Does it Work for Dry Eyes?

Made with 98% pharmaceutical-grade Manuka honey, Optimel eye gel is a solution for patients with severe dry eyes since it is a more concentrated formula.  Patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction can also benefit more with the eye gel since it is directly applied to the eyelids, either straight from the tube or with a cotton bud. Ideal for use before bed so the formula can soothe your eyes whilst you sleep.

Manuka honey’s active ingredient is called Methylglyoxal (MGO) which helps kill bacteria around the eyelids and stabilise the health of the surface of the eye by creating a microenvironment on the ocular surface. Within this microenvironment, the formula helps heal the surface of the eye and prevent further damage, made possible by the antibacterial properties of Manuka honey.

The product also supports eyelid hygiene. When applied to the eyelid margin, the low pH environment helps limit bacterial growth. Crusts that may form in the margin of the eyelid with the presence of the formula are more likely to be soft and soluble. With this, Optimel products also help treat inflammation around the meibomian glands.

Who Can Benefit from Optimel Products?

Patients can benefit from Optimel products that reduce dry eye symptoms such as soreness, inflammation and irritation in the eyes and eyelids.

Optimel products are suitable for patients suffering from any of the following:

  1. Evaporative dry eye disease
  2. Aqueous tear deficiency
  3. Meibomian gland disease
  4. Blepharitis
  5. Corneal erosion
  6. Colonised ocular surface

Please note, application of Optimel to the eye is expected to produce some initial stinging and redness due to it’s low PH, but with repeated use the discomfort will likely reduce. There may also be some transient blurring of vision.

Additional information


98% Manuka Honey (Pharmaceutical grade Leptospermum sp), Sodium Chloride and Purified Water.
*All ingredients are correct to the best of our knowledge, but may be subject to change.

Usage and Instructions:

Suggested use
• Wash hands.
• Remove cap, do not allow nozzle to touch any surface.
• Instill 1 drop to the inner corner of the affected eye or dispense onto tip of cotton bud and gently apply along lower lid margin in the evening and morning or as directed.


For external use only.
Do not use
• If hypersensitive to bee products or food gums.
• If solution changes color or becomes cloudy.
• If box seal is broken or packaging is damaged.
Serious conditions should be managed under the supervision of a doctor.


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Optimel Manuka Honey Eye Gel-10ml

£ 17.49£ 19.99 (-13%)

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